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  • Large Group Classes ( Evening Classes)

    Every month
    Get access to unlimited In-person evening classes
    • Access to 20+ plus classes in the month
    • Access to our lab family community chat
  • Semi Private Training Basic

    Every month
    Get access to 3 high quality Semi private training a week , next level coaching and RESULTS!
    • 12 sessions a month
    • 3 sessions a week
    • Learning the fundamentals to lifting
    • Basic nutrition plan ( easy and manageable)
    • Guaranteed Results if you follow the plan & trust the plan
  • Semi Private Training Advanced

    Every month
    Get access to high quality Semi-Private training, next level coaching and Results!
    • Get access to 4 sessions a week
    • Access to basic nutrition guide ( easy and doable)
    • Learn how to lift and do advanced movements
    • Guaranteed results if you trust & follow the plan
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